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Flexible Staffing

Group HR Services is India’s leading temporary staffing company which has a well-established and robust payroll processing system in place that is a combination of the best of software tools, expert know-how, IT infrastructure and a strong payroll team. In response to articulated customer needs and as a logical extension of our services portfolio, we had introduced Payroll Process Outsourcing services as a standalone offering a few years ago. Designed to manage payroll of your on-roll employees, our payroll processing services are configured to cater to your specific requirements.

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Temporary Staff Solution provides you the human resources you need for a specified period. However, the employees continue to be on our payroll, and they work for you. We will take care of the rest like identifying the kind of employees you need and going through the hiring formalities and documentation.

All you need to do is let them work for you. Once their job or requirement is over, you inform us, and we will take care of their exit. It is as simple as that. Our access to a large database of staffing resources is backed by a time-tested HR management system that makes your deployment of staffing a pleasure.



Whether it is just one or two shifts, or a number of months, a leave of absence can greatly impact your company. The flexible options provided by a temp staffing agency can minimize that impact.

One Time Activities

Salary & Benefit Structuring
Data Migration
Setting up Rules & Employee Masters
Dry & Parallel Runs

Recurring Activities

Payroll Processing
Pay Slips
Statutory Reports & Submissions
Client & Employee Query Managements

Annual Activities

IT computation
Receipt & verification of Declaration & Proofs
Form 16 & Form 25

Reports & MIS

Pay Registers
Leave Reports
Bank Advice Reports
IT Reports

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